Jodi Borrello - Comedian
New Orleans
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Here is a snippet (who even says that anymore?) of daily life in The Borrello household (who says that!) with Jodi's 20 year old. They laugh, and laugh, and the dogs look away, and question everything. Enjoy. It's 1 minute, and change. Thanks for your time. May 2015.

Plus, here is Jodi's Demo Reel.

Jodi Borrello Demo Reel from Jodi Borrello on Vimeo.

Upcoming Gigs. Click Here.

Jodi In Kuwait - entertaining our troops.
Love to all the men and women
serving in our Armed Forces!
When comedian 
Jodi Borrello
is not out and about galavanting around this world you can always find her performing at
The Castle Theatre - located in Rivertown in Kenner, LA (5.9 miles from New Orleans, and in the same time zone). 

Email Jodi here.

Here are some photos of the folks that put up with me.
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