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Jodi Borrello - Short Bio
Jodi Borrello is a nationally touring comedian that brings her unique style of comedy with a New Orleans touch. Recently named as a Favorite at The Improv in Las Vegas, and her comedy material is featured alongside some of the greatest female comedian ins bestselling book "She's So Funny". Jodi has also been active with writing for programs on VH-1, and is a contributing writer for The Times Picayune. Jodi has opened for powerhouse comedian Dennis Miller, and recently has returned from entertaining our troops in the Middle East.


Jodi Borrello - Longer Bio
      Being born and raised in New Orleans, Jodi Borrello’s comedy takes on a unique perspective from a one of a kind environment.  The source of her comedy all comes down to one thing --- her family.  America is taking notice of this comedian out of New Orleans with having recently opened for Dennis Miller, as well as her comedy material is featured alongside the best female comedians in the bestselling book “She’s So Funny.”

My daughter asks me “Mom am I adopted?”
I said of course you’re not adopted…we tried to adopt they said we were unfit parents.”

From living in New Orleans, to being a mother, and having her family be an instrumental influence in her comedy, she carries part of each family member to the stage, and brings them to life in a clever, witty and honest manner. “too, too funny -- Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin, smart, breathless, almost-out-of-control, exhausting-in-a-good-way funny.” Jodi brings a never ending smile and signature laugh that are infectious with audiences.

"You'd think people in Las Vegas would be different than us here in New Orleans.  
But they're not. They're all walking around saying, 'I lost everything. I lost the car. I lost the house ...' "

Jodi is currently performing with Budd Friedmann’s The Improv across the country. As well as producing her own show Jodi Borrello & Friends which is a sell-out at Harrah’s in New Orleans. Recently appeared on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, NPR, The Weather Channel and Jodi was chosen as one of New Orleans 30 People to Watch. Jodi has also been active with writing for programs on VH-1, and is a contributing writer for The Times Picayune.

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